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On Line Programs That Help You Stop Self Sabotage & Accelerate Your Success!

Global Alignment Coaching is an on line Vancouver-based Personal and Professional Development company. Specializing in the Mental Health and Wellness Industries, we offer on line professional counseling, professional coaching or on line business programs to individuals all around the world.  

Whether you desire personal development, professional development, career change or to increase your private practice development or authentic marketing skills, Global Alignment Coaching offers you a specialized and proven approach that pinpoints the crucial changes needed (that are often overlooked), when setting and achieving any life or business goal.  

Our experience as a qualified "Change Expert, Coach and Professional Counselor" helps us to identify common obstacles, destructive patterns and attitudes that can often derail the success of a goal. We then assist our clients to replace these with a mindful and effective means of fueling the unique greatness within every person, purpose or private practice business.

Perhaps it's time to ask you, "If there was a means to help you stop self sabotage and accelerate your success along towards your goals, would you take it or leave it to chance?"

I learned a lot about myself and how I operate. I was able to better understand how patterns, behaviors of self sabotage, procrastination and self doubt were keeping me from success.  This incredible support offered me practical tools to do things differently and has already had positive impact on my life at large. Definitely and without hesitation, I found it incredibly rewarding and absolutely priceless! I have already recommended these services to many friends, and they in turn have already found their life changed for the better!”
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