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Global Alignment Philosophy: Who You Are Matters!

At your core, you have a unique and powerful role in how each day turns out and, consequently, how the world evolves. What you bring to each situation has power to be contagious. That situation could be a personal objective, starting a small business or a simple random act of kindness - the scale of the situation doesn´t matter.

What does matter is who you are and the intention behind your actions. This creates a ripple effect that can profoundly impact your world. We, as a society, deeply underestimate our effect on the world around us, its intelligent design and everything in it. This philosophy isn´t about a task you do or a list you complete; it´s more like a conscious minded attitude you adopt and apply to all parts of your life. Intention in motion can and will ripple out and then back again like. Positive intention is like "energetic compound interest!"

At Global Alignment, we have fun igniting "collective compound interest" during a business meeting, with our valued clients and even while chatting with strangers in the Saturday morning Starbucks line. This is what we call Intentional Living and Intentional Business. Living our own unique and best life is what we strive to align with!
It wouldn´t be as simple as underlining that your strengths of organization, team dynamics and decisive leadership helped us to take our next steps and restructure our company. It´s more than that. With heart, you took us from being a company that had as much discipline as an intoxicated monkey to having the acuity and precision of an eagle. We broke through our glass ceiling and now provide the kind of visionary business with personal impact that we were striving to offer!
Duane O´Kane - President, Clearmind International Institute

Paying it Forward: Ways We Care Globally

Our business is named "Global Alignment" to remind us that we, as a team, can positively impact the world by aligning in our sameness instead of separating in our differences. My hope is to remember to replace "I" with "We" in a global way. Beyond our global coaching, we challenge ourselves to find ways to directly PARTICIPATE in global issues.

It is with total gratitude that we proudly support:

Our team at Global Alignment is PROUD to support WORLD VISION. The mandate of this well known organization is founded primarily in community development, disaster relief and advocacy. Because poverty has both local and global causes, World Vision works within communities and across geographical areas to help individuals and groups improve the well-being of children and overcome poverty.

World Vision helps with immediate needs like food, water and shelter when disaster strikes and they engage institutions,
donors and the general public to address the global problems that perpetuate poverty. Their advocacy staff empower communities to speak up for their rights, locally and globally. You can learn more about the wonderful work of World Vision on their website.

Our team at Global Alignment is very PROUD to support the "WALK IN HER SHOES" C.A.R.E. project which helps women and girls can gain confidence and play a new and important role in their community. With help, they are being empowered to have choice, use their voice, defend dignity and find new ways to rise up against poverty and lift up their families and communities. Given the chance, they will create the means to make their future and possibilities look much brighter. Learn more about Walk In Her Shoes and C.A.R.E. on their website.

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