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Private Practice Business Coaching: Helping People who Help People

You chose to be a Practitioner because you wanted to guide people in need of your vital and unique services that assist others to be healthy. Yet, what we hear most often from practitioners like you - private practice business owners within the Mental Health and Wellness industry - is how weighed down, lost, frustrated and alone you feel when it comes to successfully running your own small business.
With your guidance, we created a roadmap that kept me organized and in line with my vision. I went from working in someone else´s private practice, to creating my own and within the first year, I doubled my income!
Private Practice Business Program - Client

Affordable Online Business Programs: Fuel for Private Practice Success

How you approach the business side of your practice is a critical choice that can impact the level of your success. You spend time, money and energy continuing to develop your practitioner skills and education. Do you allocate the same or proportionate resources towards developing your business and learning business competencies?

Regardless of what phase your business is in today, our program can either help new practitioner graduates launch a healthy, thriving private practice or improve an existing business by taking it to a new, more established level!

*Many of our Member Organizations grant their members the option to use our program as a way to complete their annual requirement for Continued Competency Training or for earning Supervision hours!
As an educator, clearly the ability to manage a successful practice ranks as a skill “equal” in importance to the medical knowledge itself.  I graduated as a naturopathic physician, from a school that placed little emphasis on practice management. I was appalled that after only 7 years, almost 50% of my class was no longer in practice. The reasons pointed to the lack of ability to start and manage their private practice business. Poor understanding of things like hiring and managing personnel, billing systems, marketing, contracts, insurance, budgeting, legal regulations, and so forth, means that no matter how great your practitioner skills are, if you can´t keep your practice going and feed yourself, you ultimately can´t help anyone else!
David Scotten- Naturopathic Physician & Dean of Academics
Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine

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Face It - Cookie Cutter Marketing Just Doesn't Work

We recognize that each Practitioner and their Private Practice Business are absolutely unique. Where your practice is located (city vs country), the kind of business services you have (face to face vs on line services) your personality type (introvert vs extrovert) and past experiences (ie. public speaking) and your specific budget are only a few of the reasons why cookie cutter marketing is simply a waste of your money and your time! Above all, the Mental Health and Wellness industry have very specific compliance regulations regarding how we as practitioners market our business.

One of the most self-defeating habits in business is to jump ahead to marketing without first having a solid business foundation in place. If you have not yet confidently completed your business foundation (as spelled out in our Roadmap), we champion you to complete that pivotal piece prior to graduating to marketing.

Once commencing with marketing,  most practitioners have been around the block enough to have a general sense of "what" to do to start our marketing efforts. We put out some fliers, offer some specials and hope it will work out. Sooner or later we realize, it just isn't working. Where we find practitioner efforts at marketing can get derailed isn't as much in the "what" to do, but rather in underestimating the importance of the "how" to do it or where to best put their time or energy.

For these reasons, we strongly encourage you to learn more about how "custom" marketing can help you identify your best marketing ideas and then learn the "how" of making those tools be effective.  You don´t have to be a marketing maven to learn the basics of marketing and apply it. It is great to know that once you learn these marketing basics, that skill will come in handy in your business future. Once you have a solid business foundation, you´ll be able to tackle marketing your private practice like a pro, while still staying authentic to YOU!

Please contact us directly to book a complimentary marketing consultation. We would love to help you to identify YOUR best marketing strategy as well as help you to implement those steps as your grow a thriving practice!  We bet' ya we can help your marketing efforts and your business!

Please see our website page outlining the Program Description for more details.