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Member Organizations: Collaboration Improves Your Success in Business

Your Success matters to us! Global Alignment Coaching is teaming up with like-minded organizations to help practitioners cultivate success!   

Each of the following organizations uniquely champion excellence in Mental Health and Wellness Practitioners. What is mutually common is that these groups recognize that practice management and business preparedness are absolutely crucial to your private practice success. Beyond that, they are committed to making it easier for you to resource the practice building and practice management resources that you will need to flourish as a small business owner.

Some of our Member Organizations go as far as granting their members the right to use our program as a means of accumulating their annual Continued Competency Education hours or necessary Supervision hours!


VCCT emphasizes the acquisition of applied counselling skills throughout its courses. They provide the opportunity for intensive hands-on practice designed into the program with an opportunity for students to earn a College Diploma in counselling skills through Distance Education.

This format provides students from all parts of Canada, as well as International Students, the ability to study, practice, and develop professional level counselling theory, technique and skills. As such, VCCT graduates regularly find employment in a wide variety of positions.  Both UBC and Trinity Western accept transfer credits from VCCT's Diploma of Professional Counselling Program!  

The Private Practice Business Program offers an affordable and convenient way for our graduates to develop and enhance competency in their business practice as much as in their artful healing practices. This is a greatly needed service that can facilitate the counsellor's ability to meet the needs of the community more successfully. VCCT students benefit from a program like this in order to create and build a professional image; develop creative strategies for generating clientele; ethical standards, legal liability, charting and business records; fee assessment; professional contacts as well as client relationships.
~ Lydia Manko, Executive Director VCCT

ACCT (Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada)

ACCT (Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada)

ACCT is the first community service cooperative for competency-based counsellors incorporated under the Cooperative Association Act of British Columbia and will be home to counsellors across Canada, who demonstrate competency and excellence in the counselling profession.  This contemporary and forward-thinking group presents new options for its members, as the trail-blaze the new landscape of counselling and therapy that is currently unfolding throughout Canada.

Many ACCT members are in private practice and we see the benefit of Global Alignment's online programs and services in helping our members improve the business side of their private practices.  We are happy to recommend that our members consider the ACCT membership rates and advantages that Global Alignment willingly offers to access their valuable services."
~ The ACCT Board

CPCA - Canadian Professional Counsellors Association

CPCA - Canadian Professional Counsellors Association

Since 1990, the CPCA has been a well-established and long-standing association which is dedicated to building public confidence and trust in counsellors in Canada, from coast to coast. Welcoming traditional and non-traditional routes in acquiring professional counselling skills, their counsellors and psychotherapists have proven competence within their therapeutic relationships. This group is committed to upholding standards of professional training, supervision, and practice so that people can get the help they truly need.

We advocate Global Alignment's "Private Practice Business Program" as in ideal fit for our members across Canada. As the counselling industry continues to shift, we are supporting this next generation of counsellors to be as competent in their business practice as they are in their counselling practice.  

This Program offers a convenient, online and cost-effective way for our members to earn their annual Professional Development and Supervision hours. We believe that the additional program discounts arranged for our members will help further equip them with every possible opportunity to thrive as counsellors as well as business owners!"
~ The CPCA Board of Directors

Academy of Classical Oriental Sciences (ACOS)

Academy of Classical Oriental Sciences (ACOS)

ACOS programs are comprehensive, rigorous and challenging. Located in
Nelson, BC, they provide world-class, fully-accredited, progressive
programs and training for;

  • TCM Herbalists
  • Acupuncturists
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners & Doctors
  • Chinese Herbal Medicine

Together, ACOS and Global Alignment Coaching bridges the gap between
healthy practice and healthy business.
As a membership organization Global Alignment services are a perfect companion to our on campus business class as Cindi and her Global Alignment staff offer a link from the theoretical business plan ´on paper´ or in the students minds, to the actual realization of a website and marketing tools to get our graduates new practices off the ground and flourishing. Many people embark on a career in the healing arts but those practitioners who diligently focus on the business end of their practice will succeed while others with the best of intentions probably won´t. It can be a delicate thing to balance the life work of a healer with the more pedantic aspects of running a business, but with careful planning and the help of a company like Global Alignment both the healer and her business can be healthy and prosper.
~ Jennifer Gawne - Academy of Classical Oriental Sciences

Mental Health Pros (MHP)

Mental Health Pros (MHP)

MHP provides state-of-the-art online tools and resources for mental health professionals to raise their client care to its highest possible level.

Proven to increase the effectiveness of therapy, MHP´s Best Practice Tools are a natural follow up to Global Alignment´s Coaching Programs. Once you´ve learned the mindset of how to be successful and then created the tools you need, MHP takes those skills one step further by keeping you and your clients up-to-date online.
The Global Alignment Coaching team has a superb understanding of the need to set the foundations of a practice correctly, and then to build the systems that enable it to run smoothly.
~ Dr. Eric Kuelker, PhD, RPsych, President | Mental Health Pros

Born from the need of an online community to connect wellness practitioners with consumers of wellness in an easy and intuitive way, strives to make it easy to find what you´re lookin for. They offer updated information about;
  • Workshops
  • Classes
  • Retreats
  • Courses

By partnering up, and Global Alignment Coaching enables conscious minded businesses to be healthier and happier!
Part of our holistic development is finding and working with great people who share our vision. We are very excited about our joint venture with Global Alignment Coaching because, as practitioners themselves, Global Alignment coaches understand the wellness world and, at the same time, have a great team of people who can drive the effectiveness of practice building in a very professional way. The best of both worlds!"
~ Katryn Harris, Owner -VitalityLink

Clearmind International

Clearmind International

Clearmind International Institute Inc. teaches people to create positive change, starting with self.

Besides offering weekend workshops and monthly lectures, Clearmind produces amazing counsellors with their 3-year practitioner/counselling training program.

By aligning Clearmind and Global Alignment, the Private Practice Online Business Program takes their exceptional foundation one step further to allow these new counsellors to take their practice skills and support them with healthy business skills
According to a recent survey, 85% of our students who graduated with diplomas are practicing in their field, a rate of success that I also attribute to Global Alignment´s involvement with our student body. They visited and presented to our graduates in approx 15 minutes, which was obviously well worth the time. The fact is that Global Alignment´s online programs and services offer a seamless transition for our online and in-class students. In our 3 years of involvement with Global Alignment, we are very happy to be able to offer our graduates access to this valuable service with the additional advantage of “Membership Rates” for groups, which act as an important financial incentive to our student body."
~ Catherine O´Kane, MA RCC
Co-Founder of Clearmind International Institute | Counselor Training Institute



In providing holistic wellness education, MBSconnect is able to act as a bridge between the wellness community and the North American workforce.

Their proactive, low-cost alternatives increase wellness and reduce the need for medical attention. For any companies or businesses interested in their amazing corporate wellness programs, check out their proven and customizable Employee Wellness Program!

Together, Global Alignment and MBSconnect are changing the face of mental health and wellness in North America!
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