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Professional Life Coaching: Make Your Life Extraordinary

If You are Not Living the Life You Want, YOU are In Your Own Way!

You have the ability to make something magnificent of your life. The challenge is often where to begin. Life coaching can break the unproductive cycle of self sabotage, frustration, uncertainty and fear you find yourself in by providing you with the necessary recipe that can help you change the course of your life forever.

Professional Life Coaching helps you to create a life of intention and purpose from this point onwards. After all, your best life is not about finding yourself; it´s about CREATING yourself! That means it isn´t so much about believing you will be happy when you get what you want. It´s also about mastering the skill of recognizing the ever present opportunity for happiness in our lives, regardless of the up´s and down´s. It´s about finding the balance between your head and your heart. It´s about cultivating an deep appreciation for all of life´s experiences. Its about learning how to take a self inventory to find the conviction to make goals, create a plan, change our thinking, reinvent ourselves and ultimately grow as people.  For many, this becomes a process that extends beyond our own self interests to include the well being of others, our society and ultimately the influence we can have on impacting our ever changing world.

I know that right now I am stuck, overwhelmed or in my own way. My life and opportunity are passing me by. How do I change gears so that I can create a masterpiece of my life?
This coaching combined wit with wisdom, pragmatism with presence, and laser-sharp clarity that truly demonstrates caring. When I´ve felt stuck, my coach had a powerfully intuitive way of reminding me how to tune into what really matters - in my heart, business, life and love.
Personal Development-Life Coaching Client

Professional Life Coaching Rates

Coaching requires an investment of time, focus, energy, financial resources and a willingness to grow to reach your personal goals. It does take work and it does take effort, which is where feelings of satisfaction, pride and achievement are born.

Professional Life CoachingIndividual One-to-One Skype Coaching
  • 30-minute consultation* (free)
  • 1.5 Hour One-to-One Sessions
  • Personality test assessment & reveiw
  • Custom take-away assignments
  • Hands-on support for identifying & overcoming self sabotage
  • Inspirational & motivational habit creation or replacement
Cost Cost of Session -1.5 Hours |$142.50 (plus applicable taxes)
Requirements 3 Session Minimum to Start

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I was so stuck when I started. I came through a devastating divorce that took me into an emotional tail spin. I was on a roller coaster heading down. I learned how to get off of the ride. Now, about a year later, I feel much happier, more balanced between my head and heart and I am definitely moving forward with a new life!  
Personal Development-Life Coaching Client