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What if You Were Amazing at Overcoming Life´s Obstacles?

What if You Were Amazing at Overcoming Life´s Obstacles?
Darwin was right. It´s not the strongest of a species that survives. Nor is it the privilege of money, status, power or the amount of letters behind your name. It isn´t your family name, intelligence, race or dress size that indicates greatness. Instead, it´s our innate ability to mindfully adapt, grow and problem solve that are the key to our healthy evolution. We have to become aware of the "story" we believe regarding what creates a fulfilling life or what can inadvertently erode our own authentic power. There can be such a fine line between the appreciation of something versus an attachment to it. Maybe it´s time we rethink our goals and what we are measuring in life.

Can you identify with any of the following situations?

  • Feelings of frustration and conflict in your relationships?
  • Feeling confused, indecisive, fearful or powerless about your present or future?
  • Knowing what you want but struggle to make a plan and stick to it?
  • Wanting to find balance and a purposeful meaning to your life?
  • Feeling that anxiety or fear are sucking the life out of you?
  • Do you have an exciting idea, and don´t know how to bring it to life?
  • Are you suffering from stress, burnout, resentment or overwhelm?
  • Do you find yourself going in circles or making poor decisions?

If you answered yes to one or more of the above statements, chances are you´ve come to the right place.
My goal was to choose a new career path. Through coaching I came to learn that after graduating I had became stuck in a “change cycle” for about 10 years. Whilst I was surviving I wasn´t thriving or feeling fulfilled. In coaching I was asked specific questions that had me focus on the things that were most important to me. When I realised my choices didn´t have to be all or nothing my energy levels increased. Within 3 coaching sessions I was able to decide what my new career path was!  
Personal Development-Life Coaching Client

People tend to be creatures of habit and may opt to live parts of our life on automatic pilot. The truth is, your beliefs, feelings, thoughts and actions are choices you make every day and each choice offers a chance to breakthrough or stay the same. To change your life, or even part of it, means to step out of a habit, be uncomfortable and make new choices. It´s the process of identifying self sabotage, unlearning habits and relearning a new mindset that is the fuel you need to reach your goals, and uncover greatness in you while getting there!

Life Doesn't Get Simpler, We Get Stronger and More Resilient

Although each person´s path is different, everyone begins their journey with Global Alignment´s Professional Life Coaching keeps five steps in mind that can help you get clearer, stronger and more resilient about your life goals;

  1. Envisioning - Form your goals & identify possible obstacles.
  2. Planning - Create a systematic plan & take steps to move forwards.
  3. Building - Craft the tools & resources you need to succeed.
  4. Acting - Work the plan.
  5. Reinforcing & Rewarding - Celebrate the process as you are living it!

By now, you´ve realized that the life challenges and difficulties you have rarely go away on their own. Avoiding them sucks the energy and passion out of your life and indirectly impacts the people and relationships you care about. As people, we are not neutral in life. We are always casting our vote through our beliefs, actions and choices, or lack of. Pause for a moment and think of both the positive and negative impact that people, circumstances and events have had on your life. Now consider, that all this time you too have an equal impact on people, circumstances and events around you! Understanding this interrelated connection is one of the greatest pieces of knowledge we can use to begin the journey of change or reaching a goal. We can´t change circumstances out of our control, but we can change how we react to them. It´s a powerful realization to understand that change and breakthrough is always at your fingertips because it always starts with YOU!
When I got stuck, I procrastinated!  My coach helped me find a strategy for recognising, facing and then getting through the procrastination. Now, I actually feel empowered, more productive and able to get through the procrastination sooner when the distraction and self sabotaging pattern returns. In the middle of it all, her sense of intuitiveness really helped me move through the passing of my farther, to a place of peace.
Personal Development-Life Coaching Client

Working with a Professional Life Coach who is also  Professional Counselor and Change Management Expert is an exhilarating, challenging and a rewarding way to access your unique purpose, qualities and goals.  There are few things more exciting than creating a masterpiece of your life and every journey starts with a first step. Truth is, doing things how you have always done them will result in more of what you already have. You have one life. What are you going to use it for and could a breakthrough help you finally get there?