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New and Improved Website
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Category: What´s New

March 6th, 2012
Check out Global Alignment Coaching´s new and improved website! Stay tuned for self-directed online programs and a chance to win thousands of dollars in life and business coaching....
Are you a Right or Left Brainer: Free Personality Test Review!
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Category: Personal Development

February 15th, 2013
These days, we often are asked to complete a personality test for career or
personal development reasons. We hear words such as left and right brain,
sensing and judging, but what does this stuff mean anyway? Does it really
have bearing on what is important in our daily life? You may be wondering if you are a left or right brain person and how to determine which one you are.
Social Media and Your Private Practice Business: Keeping It Professional
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Category: Private Practice Business Development

March 31st, 2013
With a good social media plan, industry consideration and conscious minded business foresight, it is easy to keep your social media activity professionally appropriate and respectful to both your clients and your industry. We've gathered a few social media tips to help make your
Private Practice online networking a breeze!
But the quick and fast connections can definitely have a dark side. Unprofessional, hurtful, and even derogatory tweets, or lack of professional boundaries/conduct can negat