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The Evils of Money and Other Myths
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What does the concept of money mean to you and your Practice Building?

Category: Private Practice Business Development

November 10th, 2011
As a Life Counselor and Mental Health and Wellness Business Coach, the idea of abundance is a necessary part of creating a balanced business and intentional life. But there are many kinds of commodities in which we can experience abundance that often fall off of our perception charts. Many of these actually hold more importance to us than money....
Is “Business” A Four Letter Word to Practitioners?
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Category: Private Practice Business Development

February 1st, 2013
We practitioners find ourselves frustrated and even annoyed that our business actually requires ongoing financial resources and our time to stay alive and grow. Knowing that success requires that we wear both the “business” and “practitioner” hats, why do we get stuck in these extreme polarities, and neglect a vital part of our success? Is business really a four letter word to practitioners in the wellness world?...